PHUKET Gay Guide 2020

Gay Phuket combines tropical and white sandy beaches with a high-energy gay scene. Patong, the Island’s largest town is home to the gay neighbourhood and beach, but travel further and you will encounter those turquoise sea’s and 5 star hotels you have seen in the movies!

Patong Town, Phuket

Patong is a bustling hive of activity with gay nightlife centred around the Paradise Complex.

Gay Beach Patong

The gay beach in Phuket is minutes from Patong. Several other gay-friendly beaches are nearby.

Our Insiders Guide to Gay Phuket!

Phuket, Thailand’s largest island is known as the pearl of the Andaman Sea. With its tolerant sexual attitudes, fine weather, many beaches and plenty of nightlife it attracts gay visitors from all around the world. This island is the right choice for couples or groups seeking a luxe, pampering hotel and dining experience along with the availability of gay nightlife, adventure and even culture.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, roughly the same size as Singapore, and is  linked to mainland Thailand by a bridge. The island is located on the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.

Gay Koh Phi Phi

Combine a visit to Phuket with a trip to Phi Phi or Krabi and enjoy some of the most stunning locations!

Phuket can be broken down into three districts. Whether you’re in the Phuket, Kathu, or Thalang District, you’ll always be an arm’s reach away from a beautiful beach, great restaurant, and a bartender ready to pour you a drink. The most popular district is Kathu, on the Central West side of the Island. Patong is located in this district and is one of the busiest areas on the island.

Much of Patong becomes one big nightclub after dark, buzzing with the energy of the bars and dancing in the streets, as well as atop the bars. Most gay action is to be found around Paradise Complex, with a score of gay bars and clubs, several gay guesthouses, cafes, coffeehouses and other services. Finding the complex is easy. From the beach take Sainamyen (or Sai Nam Yen) Road to the intersection with Rai-U-Thit Road. From there the streets of Paradise Complex are wall-to-wall gay establishments all the way to the Royal Paradise Hotel.

Most of Phuket’s Gay Bars don’t get busy until 10pm-11pm while the gay clubs get busy after midnight.  The terraces fill up first before the crowds move indoors towards the dance floors. Most bars compete for punters by putting on taster drag/dance performances on the street, so go with whoever impresses you the most! April and May are usually the hottest months, with some days seeing rainfall. June to October is the rainy season. November and early December can see slightly cooler temperatures and a mix of sunny and rainy days.

If you are looking to party hard on Gay Phuket then we recommend staying in Patong. If you are looking for a more relaxed vacation take a look at resorts on the surrounding beaches to Patong. Patong has a good selection of accommodation to suit all budgets. Hotels within Paradise Complex center of gay town are within walking distance of the bars. Hotels in Patong Town are a short taxi drive away.

Phuket has two types of taxi. A “tuk-tuk” has no meter, so always agree on a price beforehand and bargain hard. Tuk-tuks are good for short trips around town that should not cost more than 40-50 baht. Many tuk-tuk drivers will try to charge excessive rates. Just say no and find another.

Metered taxis are a much better option for longer journeys. They are safer and more comfortable than tuk-tuks but not easy to find on the street. Ask your hotel reception to phone for a taxi.Rent a car if you want to explore the island’s sights, including cave temples, forest pools, hot springs, waterfalls, and out-of-the-way beaches.

Longtail boats are a great way to do a bit of island hopping. Prices can be negotiated and should be around 500 baht per hour or no more than 1,800-2,000 baht per day.

  • When to visit?

    Temperatures in Phuket range from 28ºC-32ºC  all year. What changes the most is the “rainfall”.Not surprisingly, the peak season is the driest time of year,  from early December until mid-April after the “SongKran” or Thai New Year event has ended.

  • From the Airport!

    Most people fly into Phuket International Airport, the second-busiest airport in Thailand. It’s about 20 miles outside the center of the main city. There are buses into Phuket Town, but not to Patong on the west coast.  Taxis are popular option although, unlike in Bangkok, the fare is not cheap. The average fare from the airport to Patong is 600-700 baht. The fare is the rate displayed on the meter plus an airport fee of 100 baht.

  • Getting around!

    Most places are walk-able, and local buses are cheap and cheerful. Phuket is a large island so you need some form of transport to get around. Public transport is limited so taxis or tuk-tuks are the only practical means. Some hotels offer shuttle bus services to Patong.

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Phuket Gay Scene HIGHLIGHTS

The most famous bars in Patong have been operating for many years. All are located within the Paradise Complex. You can find everything from cabaret and show bars to GoGo bars and Karaoke! Many of the bars have “hosts”, guys who work for tips and more. Make sure you negotiate your price and expectations beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. Also, don’t always assume that everyone is available for a price. Attitudes towards pay-for-play are different in Patong and for many it is a livelihood, not a hobby.

Patong Beach

Most of the bars in the Paradise Complex will host street-shows providing a taste of what’s in-store for you later on in their bar or club.

Boat Bar Phuket

Boat Bar features a professional twice-nightly cabaret show as well as a live DJ who keeps the dance floor busy with cool and funky sounds.

Zag Club

ZAG Club features a shower show, nightly happy hours and special events including ‘Topless Tuesdays’, where you can get 50 per cent off the price of your drinks if you keep your shirt off!

Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret show is on of the most popular shows in Thailand and certainly the glitziest drag show in Phuket, the Simon Cabaret Show is an evening of glamorous entertainment that wows night after night.

Where to stay in PHUKET?

Phuket accommodations define luxury. At the height of tourist season you’ll pay dearly for the best hotels. Shrewd planners (shoulder season, mid-week stays during a longer trip to Thailand) are rewarded with lower prices. Combine a few day’s stay close to the gay scene in Patong with a stay on one of the island’s many luxury resorts for an experience to remember!

La Flora Resort Patong 5 Star

Close to the Gay Beach

This 5-star resort is located directly behind the gay section of Patong Beach and is just a 5-minute walk to the gay bars & clubs in Paradise Complex.La Flora is surprisingly peaceful, with two private swimming pools, a gym and spa. The Surface Bar & Restaurant has excellent food and stunning sunset views.

The Meridien 5 Star

Luxury Option

For gay travelers who want nightlife within a few short blocks no quality hotel location is better than Le Meridian. You’ll love both the hotel and the breakfast here! The hotel is set in tropical landscapes. Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort is just 5 km from lively Patong Beach.

R-Mar Resort & Spa 4 Star

Close to Paradise Complex

An excellent value for money choice in Patong. The R-Mar Resort is just 5 minutes’ walk to the beach and even closer to the gay nightlife in the Paradise Complex and Jungceylon Shopping Mall. The resort’s comfortable rooms feature a 32? flat screen TV, fridge, tea & coffee maker and private balcony.

What to See & Do in PHUKET

There’s more to do here than work on your tan line booze it up and get laid, and if Phuket is your only Thai destination you’ll; want to soak up some of the local culture.

Phang Nga bay

One of the most visited attractions, but worth the trek, especially for James Bond Fans! Phang Nga Bay stretches out from the east coast of Phuket Island to Krabi

Phuket Town

his underrated town is a real charmer with turn-of the-last century Sino-Portuguese architecture housing cool coffee shops, art galleries, delicious inexpensive restaurants

Elephant Trekking in Phuket

Visit the Elephant Sanctuary for a truly memorable experience with these stunning animals, just an hour’s drive from Patong.

Koh Phi Phi

Made famous by the movie “The Beach” and now rather overdeveloped. However, Phi Phi islands are still a majestic sight to see and makes for an interesting day-trip excursion.

Sights worth seeing!

Phuket has a long history and has been enriched by many major cultures: Arabic, Indian Burmese, Chinese, Malay and more. One result of this influx: The food is, generally speaking, spicier in Phuket than elsewhere. Buddhism is dominant of course but there are nearly 40 mosques throughout the island where Muslims live harmoniously alongside other Thais. Be sure to check out a Muslim fishing village, small rural temples, and Phuket Town. Outdoor activities should also be at the top of your to-do list. Major activities include swimming snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, water exploration and even rock climbing in Krabi.

Phang Nga bay

One of the main attractions in this part of the world is Phang Nga bay, a remarkable sanctuary of over 50 towering limestone outcrops, some of which have collapsed in the center due to eons of geological activity to form hongs (huge hollowed rooms with sunlight above) that are usually accessible at low tide. The water around here is postcard green and the whole area is simply breathtaking.  Phang Nga Bay stretches out from the east coast of Phuket Island to Krabi. The most famous rock is of course James Bond Island where the motion picture, “Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed.

Wat Phra Thong

The myth around this statue that appears half buried also involves 1785 (when after a failed attempt to dig the Buddha out, they decided it wanted to stay put and they just built a temple around it). It’s located just south of the airport so you may be able to squeeze in a visit on the way to or from the airport.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is one of twenty five Buddhist temples on the island. Known for the monk that lead the village people to the temple to protect it from the Chinese revolt, this monk has a life-size wax replica of him where people come to pay their respects and pray. Consisting of several temples on the grounds, the main temple holds a fragment of a bone of buddha. With ornate drawings depicting the previous lives of Buddha, gold statues where you can lay a piece of gold foil, and numerous statues of buddha, this is one of the most beautiful temples you will see in Thailand. Youʼll also want to bring a few bahts for a donation to light incense and set off firecrackers to wish bad luck away. With an extensive shopping market at the back of the temple, you can also pick up some amazing Thai souvenirs.

Sirinath National Marine Park

This gorgeous protected area (35 sq, miles) of land and sea is located in the northwest corner of the island and provides respite from the island’s general busy-ness as well as boasting the island’s largest coral reef in shallow water (just over a half mile off shore) and the opportunity to glimpse the endangered Olive Ridley turtle that nests here every year between November and February. It’s also located near the airport

Phuket Town

This underrated town is a real charmer with turn-of the-last century Sino-Portuguese architecture housing cool coffee shops, art galleries, delicious inexpensive restaurants and even inexpensive yet hip guesthouses The town reflects Phuket’s rich, multicultural past which becomes evident not only in the pretty and often restored buildings but also in the varied cuisine Taoist temples, festivals, and even the tourists it attracts, from veiled Muslims and young Chinese to Euro backpackers and the occasional American expat you’re staying along the west coast, it’s easy to arrange a taxi or tour at your hotel concierge. Avoid the heat by going in the early morning, or visit after dusk when the area is lit up with Chinese lanterns. Stroll past lots of stalls selling trinkets, then relax with a cold drink and a snack. Talang Road is the name of the first road of Phuket Town, this street has become popular for its historical buildings. Still an epicentre for shopping, tourists walk through this area to admire the buildings bright colors and explore the areas shops.

Scuba Diving

The Andaman Sea is a world-class diving site, and the least-expensive area in the world to obtain a PADI license. There are numerous dive centers from which to arrange a local trip and they all supply equipment  The best deep-water diving areas are around Phi Phi the Similan Islands (50 miles northwest of Phuket) and the Surin Islands on the borders of Burma. KohTao in the Gulf of Thailand is also popular but it’s the nearby tiny twin islands of Koh Nangyuan that

impress most, thanks to a sand bar dividing the islands at low tide which helps’Ereate a true feeling of paradise. Note, though, that it is definitely on the tourist map and quite popular, it also requires a lot of time and energy to get there.

Tachai Island National Park

Only recently open to the public, and only for day trips, Tachai Island has been called ‘the.Thai Maldives.’ It’s an hour away from Khao Lek by speed boat, and while you won’t be the only boat of visitors, you can walk a bit to find your own deserted stretch of paradise

Khao Sok National Park

Thailand’s premier rainforest reserve that has more than 48 species of mammals including wild elephants, tiger and leopards.

Phi Phi Islands

Made famous by the movie “The Beach” and now rather overdeveloped. However, Phi Phi islands are still a majestic sight to see and makes for an interesting day-trip excursion.


Thailand offers some of the best snorkelling in the world with many coral reefs as close as 50 feet from the shore. You can rent equipment through your hotel or at the dive centers along the tourist beaches. But if you have your own, pack it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to use it

Phuket FantaSea

It seems super cheesy, it’s not specifically gay, and if you don’t like the idea of animals performing in a circus stay away, but this attraction is recommended by our gay Thai friends. it includes lots of sexy shirtless Thai dancers in a Vegas-revue-worthy pageant spectacular featuring on-stage trapeze

Shopping & Dining in Gay PHUKET

Whether you are on a budget, or looking for luxury, Phuket has something for every budget. From Fine Dining to charming souvenirs, check out our recommendations on where to eat and the best places to bag a bargain.

The Royale Nam Tok

With only 5 tables and a big international reputation, you have to book well in advance at The Royale Nam Tok. Highly recommended.

Phuket Weekend Market

Phuket Weekend Market is less daunting than Chatuchak’s stalls in Bangkok, but it’s still a great heaving mass of delicious food, fake designer items and souvenirs.

Surin beach restaurant

The Surin beach restaurant offers stunning views, the perfect setting for that special occasion. Reservations are essential.

Jungceylon Shopping Centre is in the centre of Patong. It is a large complex with two connecting buildings joined by an outdoor atrium.

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